Our Approach

The Mifsud Group

seeks to leverage our experience and talents in order to focus on developing long-term value for our companies. We work to provide a sound plan for the transition of ownership due to business or personal financial reasons, succession planning or estate planning.

In addition to serving the needs of current ownership, we also recognize and value the importance of employees and focus on sustaining jobs and developing new opportunities for our most-valued assets. The Mifsud Group invests in companies that can maximize their own success through our ability to stimulate growth and add value to the organization. We provide companies with guidance, strategic planning, financial oversight and working capital in order for the company to achieve its maximum growth potential.

Our experience allows us to develop strategic visions for companies despite the ever-changing landscape of customers, competition and markets. Our expertise lends itself to successful navigation of increasingly complex business decisions, including off-shore competition, financial market pressures, increased regulations and rapid technological advances.